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Sunday, 18-May-2008 11:07 Email | Share | | Bookmark

hey guys... im having rather serious coughs lately n i don't feel very well.. i know i sed i'll try to finish uploading all the pictures before the end of the week.. well it's already 2300hrs n i don't think il manage.. my plan is to upload Part IV : The Crew, before finishing it off with one big zip file download that contains all the pictures.. ill get on with it as soon as i can.. sorry!

Sunday, 18-May-2008 02:36 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Malaysian Students Gala Night 2008 Part III : Group Shots

here's the third part of the series.. these pictures were taken just before the event started n during the cocktail break.. nothing much to say, a picture tells a thousand words..

at night, focusing is a major issue.. of course i can always use the flash assisted focusing,but that would have taken too much time.. so wat i did was set the camera to manual focus, adjust the focusing ring to ~1.2metres and use a small aperture(to have a good DOF).. f/5.6 did the job well.. there are some out-of-focus pictures but the success rate was quite high.. 70-80%..

Sunday, 18-May-2008 00:04 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Malaysian Students Gala Night 2008 Part II : The Dismissed

For this entry, i'm gonna cover THE band.. OUR band.. the MALAYSIAN band.. hehe~ to tell you the truth i was quite surprised with the improvements that they've made.. they prepared 12 songs in total n they played almost all of them.. n the favourite song of the night was 'Mimpi yang Sempurna'.. the girls were shouting 'encore! encore!' n they all dgn sportingnye repeated the song 2-3 times.. my personal favourite was I don't love you by MCR..btw, wayne has uploaded 2 songs that they played that nite.. here's the link:

Youtube - Mimpi Yang Sempurna
Youtube - All These Things That I've Done

on the technical side, as u can guess i used a slow shutter speed ~0.6s.. one thing i regret is that i shud have used the second curtain flash instead of the normal one.. d reason is quite obvious, to get the object in front of all those light trails.. tapi takpe.. nx time get it right!

Thursday, 15-May-2008 17:59 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Malaysian Students Gala Nite 2008 Part I

hey guys..!! sorry for the delay... i got back on monday but damn damn school.. i had classes from morning til evening.. haven't got the chance to really sit down and start uploading pictures.. but today is thursday n thursday apres-midi is supposed to be bersukan time.. so now i'm flipping through d pictures trying to find the ones that best portray the event.. of course more pictures will come afer this.. consider this as a snippet n dont worry if u cant find urself in it.. there'll be more to come promise!! hopefully by the end of this week i'll be able to upload all of them..

so now, more to the technical stuff.. those nt interested bleh skip terus to d pictures.. i ordered a flash bouncer a week before the event.. so silly of me, of course laa tak sampai.. that thing datang from china laa pakcik.. !! nonetheless i used my good ol' milk bottle bouncer.. problem: milk bottle colour die agak off-white so i had to do some colour correction in photoshop.. zarf had this lightsphere diffuser.. i've seen his pictures n d result is quite impressive!! i might consider getting one of those later on..

secondly, if u guys notice most of the pictures have distorsions at the edges.. girls biasenye akan complain kenape muke dierang penyek laa, kaki jadi pendek, tgn jadi besar.. so sorry!i used my DA 14mm f2.8 because that's the only fast lens that i have.. the other one is 50mm f1.4, but come on laa, the gala was on a boat.. how much space laa sgt nak buat full body shots dgn 50mm? (full body shots because the girls want to show off their dresses ) wait til i get my hands on my DA*16-50mm f2.8..!! dah beli but i sent it to my sister's address in the US.. so kene tunggu balik malaysia..

so guys, enuff of the talk here are the pictures.. i'll sambung cakap2 in the nx post..

Monday, 12-May-2008 23:39 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Malaysian Students Gala Night 2008

Hi guys..!! just got back from paris.. ade gala nite organised by a group of dedicated malaysian students.. it was wonderful.. got d chance to meet my malaysian friends yg datang from all over france..

for the details, il update later.. Promise!!

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